We offer a wide range of services for process analytical instrumentation and environmental monitoring. We can ensure compliance for our clients and assure the quality of our services through CSQ certifications.



We design and adapt electronic and electromechanical systems, computer and environmental control networks, including:

  • air quality (monitoring cabins) and water quality (multiparameter probes) monitoring stations
  • installation and start-up services
  • Systems for data transmission and acquisition and interfacing between networks
  • analytical instrumentation interconnection and calibration
  • atmospheric monitoring networks
  • systems for waste separation
  • electrical and electronic systems
  • Mobile means of environmental control

  • Maintenance

    We offer timely assistance in the territory for:

  • air quality detection stations immissions, emissions
  • Periodic calibration of high and low concentration pollution control analyzers
  • analyzers and equipment systems emissions
  • water and meteorological monitoring stations
  • Stations for monitoring industrial waters (ponds, seas, rivers, groundwater)
  • Analytical instrumentation repair for low and high concentration air quality control
  • Repair of water monitoring systems such as multiparameter probes
  • Maintenance of electronic and pneumatic instrumentation for power plants, refineries, waterworks, industries of all kinds
  • Maintenance of transmitters for power plants, refineries, waterworks, industries of all kinds
  • Maintenance of flue gas control systems on thermal destruction plants

  • Calibration

    Our company offers certified calibration of emission and immission analyzers.

    Good practice dictates that the quality of data collected by monitoring systems is ensured by the adoption of procedures that document how and when analyzer calibrations are performed.


    We deal with electronic, electromechanical, data acquisition and processing systems, in particular:

  • Meteorological data collection stations and related acquisition systems
  • Stations for continuous monitoring of physical chemical parameters of water, air and soil
  • Wiring of stations for continuous detection of air water and soil chemical and physical parameters for third parties
  • Testing and start-up of atmospheric sensing stations at agencies (regions, provinces, and municipalities)
  • installation termination and measurement of fiber optic cables
  • installation of photovoltaic systems
  • installation of energy conversion systems
  • Installation of electronic and pneumatic instrumentation for power plants, refineries, industries of all kinds
  • Installation of transmitters for power plants, refineries, industries of all kinds
  • installation of electrical, electronic and air conditioning systems

  • Assistance

    We offer specialized service on the following brands:

  • NIRA
  • SICK

    This experience is provided by training courses at manufacturers and at least 10 years of field work.

  • Mobile Lab

    Our mobile outdoor air quality monitoring laboratory enables us to conduct atmospheric monitoring campaigns on behalf of the public and private sectors.
    The laboratory consists of an insulated Iveco van, equipped with data acquisition software, multi-gas sampling probe, and sampling head for PM10 dust (possibility of mounting support for sampling total dust and PM2.5).
    It also houses analyzers for the measurement of dust, BTX, O3, NOX, SO2, CO.

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    We offer training services for instrumentalists in the field of environmental monitoring and teach courses in data acquisition center management.

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