Since 1988, we have been dedicated to the design, installation, maintenance and repair of process analytical and environmental monitoring instrumentation, low and high concentration (water, air and soil).

More than 30 years of experience has enabled us to broaden our knowledge of technical problems in the field of analysis, and a specific section of the U.M.C. dedicated to laboratory activities was established a few years ago.

The main goal is to deepen our knowledge in the field and initiate new collaborations with the most operational entities, regionally, nationally and internationally.

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Our customers are a diverse group: chemical plants, refineries, incineration plants of various sizes, public plants, public environmental control units, universities, food industries, public and private chemical laboratories, and hospitals.

There are numerous references in the area with whom "full service" contracts have been signed. Just as many "service" contracts have been entered into with manufacturers of analytical equipment, for exclusive service and installation in the territory.

The need to intervene quickly throughout Sardinia meant that the U.M.C. organized itself with personnel residing in each province.

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We offer training services for instrumentalists in the field of environmental monitoring and teach courses in data acquisition center management.

CSQ Certifications

La U.M.C. obtained the CSQ certification against the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards, certification for the environmental management system against the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standard and for the occupational health and safety management system against the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard, for the following activities:

Designing, supplying, installing, repairing, maintaining and servicing electrical equipment for air pollution control, electromedical and process equipment, automatic cabins for atmospheric control of water and air; operating, conducting and maintaining environmental monitoring networks and related calibration services.

Accreditation Accredia

Accreditation of calibration laboratory according to 17025 standard as LAT Center No. 260 for quantity quantity of substance, NO / SO2 / CO / CO2 / O2 calibration instrument.

Accreditation represents our commitment to creating an efficient and safe marketplace, domestically and internationally.

ACCREDIA is the single national accreditation body designated by the Italian government capable of certifying that certification and inspection bodies, testing and calibration laboratories have the competence to assess the conformity of products, processes and systems to reference standards. ACCREDIA operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development and performs a service of public authority, as accreditation is a service performed in the public interest and an efficient tool for qualification of products and services circulating in all markets.

Accreditation ensures that test and inspection reports and certifications (system, product and personnel) bearing the ACCREDIA mark are issued in compliance with the most stringent international requirements for conformity assessment, and behind constant and rigorous surveillance of the behavior of the responsible operators (Laboratories and Bodies).
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